JAKARTA – Since 2019, the crypto industry in Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular. Especially during the pandemic, many people are looking for alternative investments other than commodities, stocks and gold. Great interest in this crypto asset is also felt in Indonesia. Until 2021, crypto asset investors will increase to 7.4 million or up an average of 162 percent per year since 2015.

For the ASEAN market, the Centralized Exchange or CEX platform still dominates. On the other hand, the Decentralized Exchange Platform is more in demand by the European and American markets. This is the reason why Litedex Protocol is present as the first Decentralized platform in Indonesia, with a global market orientation.

Litedex Protocol development began in mid-2020, by recruiting teams, creating websites and projects. As an entity with real business, LITEDEX PROTOCOL received injections of funds from various investors including from Venture Capital. With this capital, Litedex Protocol has been able to run its projects.

As a platform for the work of the Indonesian Youth, Litedex Protocol will expand its projects, by opening itself up to the wider community who want to invest.

Carrying the concept of “The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth”, Litedex Protocol has the ambition to be a bridge for investors to enter and explore the virtual world. This is realized by presenting favorite features such as swap, liquidity, staking, farming, lending, borrowing, NFT Marketplace, Multi Chain and Bridge.

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Suhalim said, “From a market perspective, Decentralized Exchange does have its own market. Likewise, Litedex Protocol which focuses on investing in the development of Multi Chain and Bridge foundations through several Blockchains as well as partnering with popular metaverse token projects in order to create a broad ecosystem so as to maintain liquidity stability.

"In accordance with our tagline, The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth, we want to be an NFT Token Marketplace for staking and farming products," added Andrew.

Until now, Litedex Protocol features have gone through a rigorous audit stage, without having to wait for the fundraising process through IDO. This proves that Litedex Protocol already has the funds ready to create superior products, by cooperating with large investors and venture capitalists.



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