Crypto Mining

Although some cryptocurrencies are experiencing a famine, this investment asset is still the choice of many people to invest. One of them is mining crypto, which is easy to learn. However, there are different types of crypto money that you want to mine, and different ways of mining them. Here are the things to watch out for when you want to mine crypto:


When we want to mine cryptocurrencies, for example Bitcoin, of course the tools used cannot be arbitrary and must meet the qualifications to mine. There are several specialized software that can be used, including Gminers, Shamining, and Awesome Miner. Software is sold for around Rp. 15 — Rp. 25 Million.


Once the device is ready, consider the profit probabilities. To mine, especially mining on Bitcoin, requires a large capital that reaches thousands of dollars. The probability of profit can be calculated with a Bitcoin miner calculator. In addition to cash capital, miners also need a large amount of electricity capital. The reason is, when using a mining device, the electricity required is quite large.

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This digital wallet to accommodate Bitcoin mining can be created through special software in which this digital wallet is shaped from a combination of numbers and letters.


By finding other mining communities, it can make it easier to solve algorithm problems on the coins to be mined. For example, Bitcoin, which is fought over by millions of people, while the circulation of Bitcoin itself is known to be only 21 million Bitcoins, with 18 million of which have been successfully mined.

Before starting to mine, you can start to try to explore one site first. This affects the speed when managing data, accessing digital wallets, and retrieving mining. It is known that there are several sites that are widely used by miners with various advantages, including, MineDollars, Genesis Mining, and NiceHash.



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