Latest Progress: Litedex Protocol Ready to Hit Local Crypto Innovation 2022

Litedex Protocol


In the midst of growing global public interest in cryptocurrencies, Litedex Protocol is expanding its wings in the crypto market. The Litedex team continues to innovate by carrying the concept of Meta Finance and carrying the slogan “The Bridge of Metaverse Wealth.” Litedex Protocol provides attractive and favorite features for investors such as Swap, Stacking, Farming, Pool, Lending, Borrowing, Marketplace, and Bridge.

Of course, what Hodlers is most looking forward to is the good news from Litedex. A few months back, on March 24, 2022, to be exact, there was a small incident that made Litedex Developers need to work even harder. With this incident, Litedex Protocol strengthens a security system that is very difficult to beat. The Litedex team continues to make developments to be more ready to compete with other global Decentralized Exchange Platforms.

See the progress that has been carried out by the Litedex Team :

  1. Litedex Academy
    Educational program on Blockchain aimed at students, students, and the public to take part in the development of Blockchain in Indonesia. Litedex Academy aims to improve human resources in the Blockchain Information Technology sector.
  2. NFT Launchpad
    NFT Launchpad is a medium where creators can conduct Initial NFTs Offering publicly. Initial NFTs Offering (Mint NFT) is the process of tokenizing a work into a digital asset.
  3. Bridge Ecosystem
    Bridge is a medium through which users can perform cross-blockchain transactions directly.
    The Bridge ecosystem that Litedex will build in the near future is the interaction between BNB Chain, Solana, and Polygon Network.

4. MoU with Garuda Eleven

Garuda Eleven is a digital comic that has been successful in the webtoon with over 133,000 readers. The Garuda Eleven comic is the work of Padepokan Ragasukma (comic artist group) together with DS Studio. Garuda Eleven tells about the struggle of teenagers from the Garuda Kencana Praja Football School to make the nation’s name proud in international competitions. Currently, Garuda Eleven has also reached the gaming world and will hold a press conference with Litedex Protocol in the near future.

5. Partnership with GreatEdu

GreatEdu is an educational platform with a digital base that focuses on becoming a place to grow in the world of work, business, and education. Today, with the awareness of digitalization for almost all aspects of life, GreatEdu provides the need for vocational quality improvement. Since the pandemic, GreatEdu has expanded its market by providing quality classes and content through online seminars and training products or “Online Workshop” and video-based online courses or “Online Courses”.

Litedex’s collaboration with GreatEdu is in the form of providing learning about blockchain. New holders or those who just want to know the world of blockchain can get knowledge easily. Litedex will also create a Litedex Library feature that contains terms about the crypto world, which may be needed by the layman.

6. Technology Team is running according to the roadmap

Litedex Tech Team is working on projects according to the roadmap which can be seen through website. In the near future, our Teach Team is developing a Solana ecosystem to collaborate with Garuda Eleven; conduct NFT Research for NFT Stacking; prepare Decentralized Exchange Litedex to the mainnet, update the UI soon to be completed, and activate the Litedex Blog.

7. Collaboration with Indonesian Youtubers for Litedex Academy

Education about trading and investing through youtube videos is easy to understand for ordinary people. Learning that is packaged attractively through videos with a distinctive character will break the stigma of society regarding the difficulty of starting trading and investing. Litedex will collaborate with an Indonesian Youtuber, could you guess who?

From the progress mentioned above, which progress are you most waiting for? You can see information about Litedex through the Litedex website and our social networks.



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