LITEDEX PROTOCOL is Ready to Become a Crypto Beginners Education Center through Litedex Academy

Litedex Academy

Litedex Protocol is Ready to Become a Crypto Beginners Education Center through Litedex Academy

Blockchain technology is starting to attract a lot of attention due to its transparent and secure nature. Blockchain is predicted to be a future technology that is useful for every aspect of internet life. What is blockchain and what makes it special? Blockchain is a technology in the form of a ledger where all data is stored digitally that is connected with cryptography. The block which means block and the chain which means chain define how it works is where transaction data records will be connected to each other. This is what makes all the data contained in the blockchain cannot be lost or deleted, it is eternal.

As a growing local Defi project, Litedex Protocol has begun to invite Indonesian youth to become literate in blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge through the Litedex Academy program. This is because of the huge potential of blockchain technology to change the world. Through Litedex Academy, the company is targeting Indonesia to be part of a big change in the world through blockchain technology. Litedex Academy program consists of Litedex Blog, Litedex Library, Newsletter, and Classroom.

Learn Crypto and Blockchain from the Basics on Litedex Blog

Every day, Litedex Protocol releases local and global cryptocurrency articles and news which can be accessed at . Thousands of blockchain and cryptocurrency terms are thoroughly explained so that they can be understood by beginners who want to start learning crypto. In addition to using language that is easy to understand for educational articles, the language in writing the latest news is also easy to understand and specially prepared for beginners. No need to worry about starting to learn crypto, nowadays there is more and more literature about crypto that is widespread and can be accessed for free, including on the Litedex Blog.

Users can also subscribe to the Litedex Blog newsletter to get a summary of articles or daily news that can be directly accessed in their respective e-mails.

Watch Crypto Educational Explanations by Local YouTubers at Litedex Library

Litedex Protocol curates crypto-related videos made by Indonesian crypto influencers which can be accessed at . Categories curated in the Litedex Library such as Blockchain Knowledge, Centralized Finance, Crypto Trading, Blockchain Development, and NFTs.

Users can directly select the category of the topic they want to learn. These topics were specially prepared by beginners from well-known crypto YouTubers such as Andy Senjaya, JSXPRO ID, Andre Rizky, Ryan Filbert, Republik Rupiah, and many more that will soon follow.

Learn Blockchain and Crypto in depth in Litedex Classroom

It will not run alone, Litedex Protocol will collaborate with GreatEdu, an educational technology company based on a digital platform to realize Litedex Classroom. Litedex Classroom is a program where users can learn blockchain and cryptocurrency material according to the syllabus that has been compiled. Later, this program will run online where users can utilize LDX tokens to access classes and materials. Interesting right?

Come join the Litedex Academy Telegram group for daily discussions about blockchain and cryptocurrency:



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