Litedex Protocol Launches Voting Program for Hodlers Community

LDX Token is a governance token built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) blockchain network, created to build the DeFi Ecosystem and deliver rights to all LDX hodlers to help shaping the future of Litedex protocol. LDX Token hodlers can influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself through a voting mechanism.

In this case, the first vote we need to take is concerning the upcoming LDX Token ICO program where we plan to open the price at $0.175 / LDX. We need to hear your thoughts about which promotion type is appropriate and tickle your interest.

I. Direct Bonus - Buy LDX earn BNB
Its means you will earn 0.035 USDT worth of BNB for every LDX you purchase. You can claim at the end of the ICO period. The Minimum transaction is 1,000 LDX.

II. Invitation Contest
Buy 5,000 LDX, then you will be a referrer and get an ID or personal link that you can share with your colleagues, friends, and family to participate in the LDX ICO Program. For every 1,000 LDX they purchase using your ID or personal link, they will earn a 10% LDX bonus and you will earn a 35 USDT worth of BNB bonus. Invite as many friends as possible, because the total number of referrals and total value will be accumulated and announced online.

BIG PRIZE is waiting for the top 5 Champions :
- Rank 1 earn 10,000 USDT and Crowned as Community Leader
- Rank 2 earn 7,000 USDT
- Rank 3 earn 5,000 USDT
- Rank 4 earn 2,000 USDT
- Rank 5 earn 1,000 USDT

Please make sure to use your voting rights, because every vote counts.



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