In this era of digitalization, crypto assets have become a favorite alternative. This condition makes Litedex Protocol participate in providing crypto assets in the form of LDX Tokens.

To improve security, Litedex Protocol has audited the LDX Token. The results of the audit conducted by CertiK gave satisfactory results in terms of security.

Based on the audit results, Litedex Protocol will migrate smart contracts for LDX Token products. This policy is carried out to provide security guarantees to LDX Token holders for transactions. Audit results can be viewed via

Also, the Litedex protocol will upgrade the unaudited LDX Token with a certified LDX Token to all holders who have participated in the private sale program. To proceed the upgrade, users or holders can access

With this audited LDX Token, we will increase the token amount owned by holders with the ratio 10 LDX token for every 1 Token LDX owned. This also means that the value of LDX Tokens already owned by holders will be updated from 1 Token = 1 USDT to 1 Token = 0,1 USDT.

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Suhalim

Chief Executive Officer



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