University in the World With Blockchain Major

Blockchain University in the World

Blockchain has recently become increasingly popular in Indonesia, especially among young people. Along with the high public curiosity about the world of cryptocurrencies, the search for blockchain technology has also increased.

The increasing public enthusiasm for blockchain technology makes it an opportunity for a new educational field in Indonesia. Several world universities already have their own department for blockchain technology.

However, before discussing universities with blockchain majors, do you already know what blockchain technology is? How does the blockchain work system itself? Check out the answer in this article.

What is Blockchain?
A block means group and chain which means chain. So blockchain technology can be interpreted as a technology that utilizes computer resources to create connected blocks. These blocks are interconnected to be used as a place to execute a transaction.

Blockchain is a technology that is used as a storage system or digital data bank that is directly connected to cryptography. Assets in crypto, using a technology called a blockchain.

The interesting thing about blockchain technology is that it is not centralized. As a result, blockchain is able to move on its own using computer algorithms without any particular system that regulates it.

Blockchain working system
Simply put, blockchain starts work when a block stores new data. The working system consists of transactions and blocks. Each block contains a cryptographic hash that forms a network.

Hash in cryptography serves to retrieve data from the origin block and convert it into a compact string, which is used as a detection alarm if potential sabotage is found.

The decentralized nature of blockchain means that this technology does not have a single authority with complete control. But split into each computer that has been installed with special software.

World campus with blockchain major
With the positive reaction of the world community to the demand for blockchain skills, several campuses have finally created special departments for blockchain technology. This world university introduces a specialization degree in the blockchain.

Here are some lists of world campuses that have blockchain majors:

University of Nicosia
It is the first university to offer a full academic degree in blockchain. Nicosial University in Spirus, since 2014 has been offering Master of Science (MS) degrees in Digital Currency and Computer Science.

The course covers analysis, design, and development of computer systems. The online degree focuses on “programmable smart contracts and related architectures like Ethereum”.

New York University (NYU)
NYU is the first university in the United States to have a blockchain technology major. NYU’s focus on crypto assets, blockchain, and the future of fintech. NYU offers this specialization since 2016 in its Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management.

Harvard University
The oldest campus in the United States has added blockchain education to its curriculum. Harvard teamed up with Coursera to provide six free courses on cryptocurrencies covering basics to intermediate levels.

National University of Singapore (NUS)
NUS is at the core of crypto adoption. NUS offers an in-depth blockchain curriculum that crosses multiple fields and levels from beginners to mid-level CEOs and managers.

In Indonesia itself, there is currently no special department for blockchain technology. But soon Litedex Academy will be here which will provide knowledge about blockchain for free! Stay tuned for further information through our official website and social media on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Telegram.



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