Vidi Aldiano’s First Metaverse Concert

Vidi Aldiano Metaverse Concert

Vidi Aldiano, who is a well-known Indonesian singer, will hold his first metaverse concert. This is his first experience doing a virtual concert.

Vidi Aldiano’s metaverse concert will be held from June 10, 2022, to July 10, 2022. The concert is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a period of one month. During the day, concerts are held at 4 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm, and 12 pm.

Enthusiastic Vidi Concert on Metaverse
Vidi Aldiano admitted that he was very enthusiastic because this was something new for him. Moreover, in this concert a special avatar was made, and Vidi Aldiano performed virtually.

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve had a concert on the metaverse and made an avatar. I was not only excited to perform yesterday, but also watched it,” said Vidi Aldiano at a virtual press conference (24/6/2022).

Vidi Aldiano’s avatar at his virtual concert was made lively and good at dancing. This made Vidi even more excited, because originally he was not good at dancing. Vidi hopes to be infected with a genius because his avatar has been made agile.

“I was a little worried when my avatar was made good at dancing, even though I’m not really good at it. But the hope is that it can be transmitted to me,” said Vidi while laughing.

The concert which was held in the metaverse was held by Telkom together with Merchnesia. Riva Perdana Sidi, as a representative of Telkom Indonesia explained that he chose Vidi Aldiano to make a metaverse concert because of his diverse songs and wanted to invite the audience to reminisce with songs from the 2000s era.

Holding this metaverse concert takes quite a long time. It was a long process to get an avatar that matched Vidi Aldiano’s figure. It takes about 2 months to make the avatar because it records and takes motion directly with Vidi.

Many concerts have been held in the metaverse, are you one of those who are interested in attending? Wait for the next projects from Litedex, okay! Because next there will be interesting projects, one of which is a metaverse concert! Monitor our website and social media on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Tiktok. You can read other interesting articles about cryptocurrencies and the metaverse here.



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