What is Airdrop and How to Get It

Have you ever participated in a give away on Twitter or Instagram? Generally, give aways give money or goods to selected participants after being drawn at random. There is also a crypto giveaway, you know. This is known as an airdrop. Come on, see the explanation of the crypto airdrop and how to get it.


Understanding Airdrops
Airdrop is the giving away of crypto assets for free to an asset holder or a community. Usually done to promote new crypto asset products. There are several ways to get an airdrop, one of which is by buying crypto assets through an ICO or initial coin offering before officially listing on the exchange. The easiest way is to join a group that hunts for airdrops. These groups are found on various platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, and others.

Types of Airdrops and How to Get It

Standard airdrop
For this first type of airdrop, users are required to register. The way to get it is relatively easy because you only need to fill in information such as name and email. Users can subscribe to the newsletter through the airdrop provider’s website to always get updated information.

Bounty airdrop
The second type of airdrop is bounty airdrop. To get an airdrop bounty, users are usually only asked to repost, forward or retweet the airdrop provider website link. Then invite his followers to join in the event organized by the airdrop giver.

Airdrop holder
Airdrop holders require users to store certain crypto assets in their respective blockchain wallets, such as storing Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) assets. After saving it, the user will receive the assets that are airdropped according to the ratio set by the provider.

Exclusive airdrop
This airdrop is intended for special people who have joined certain communities, projects, or websites. Exclusive airdrops are generally managed by websites or social media that have many followers. The way to get the airdrop is by frequently visiting the website or becoming a social media follower of the airdrop provider.

But you need to be careful, because there are many frauds under the guise of airdrops. Never provide complete crypto wallet data along with the password. When the airdrop sharer requests access, provide the access public key instead of the private key. Because if your private key is leaked, your wallet can be hacked and your assets will be stolen. Litedex also holds an airdrop event, you know, don’t forget to visit the Litedex website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok to keep getting updated information from us!



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