What is ATH in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is known to have unique terms. Ever heard of the term All-Time High (ATH)? ATH itself refers to the highest price. The opposite of ATH is ATL or All Time Low which shows the price position of a crypto asset at its lowest point.

So, to better understand what ATH is, let’s see what crypto assets have experienced ATH?

Litedex ATH

What is ATH Crypto
ATH stands for All-Time High. In cryptocurrency, ATH is the highest price a crypto asset has ever reached. ATH Crypto is listed on the exchange at the time the crypto asset is first listed. ATH itself can be used as a reference in the future. For those of you who want to do Technical Analysis, it is important to see ATH crypto before investing.

Bitcoins worth US$68,990.9
Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s first cryptocurrency which was introduced by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Based on Investing News records, Bitcoin started trading at a price of US $ 0.0008 which then rose to US$ 0.08 in a month. Three years later, the price of Bitcoin soared to US$250.

Bitcoin hit its highest price in April 2021 at around US$63,729.5 per BTC. This is the latest record for ATH Crypto Bitcoin quoted from Coin Metrics. Then in November 2021, this crypto asset again reached its highest price of US $ 69,045 per BTC. One of the factors that caused the increase in the price of Bitcoin was Tesla’s decision to invest US$ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. The famous automotive manufacturer even accepts payments with BTC. Wow, so it’s no wonder the price of Bitcoin soared.

Ethereum worth US$4,242
Ethereum (ETH) is a crypto asset created in 2013 with the new blockchain technology. This digital currency is designed as a software platform that can activate smart contracts without third parties. Stock analysts attribute Ethereum’s popularity to the rise of the Decentralized Finance (Defi) ecosystem. De-Fi has a very big role in replacing conventional financial products, such as bank-dependent loans and savings.

On May 10, 2021, Ethereum’s crypto ATH reached a price of US$4,242 or equivalent to Rp. 60 million since the first time in Ethereum history. This value is very far from the ATH value of Ethereum in the previous year, which was US $ 746 or Rp. 10.5 million in December 2020.

Have you understood about ATH after reading this article? By paying attention to ATH crypto, you will be able to consider the right decision when investing. You can read other articles about crypto on this Litedex Medium. For updates and information about the Litedex project, see our official website and on our social media on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.



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